LEGAL LITERATURE Noted (Fontes Juris Part 3) ed 2 2016, by JF UYS


Legal Literature Noted By JF Uys

Judges of the South African Superior Courts referred 103 000 times to 9300 legal books and articles over the 187 years from 1828 to 2015.

In edition 2 of LEGAL LITERATURE Noted you will find the names of all the cases which noted those titles, and the authors, editions, pages and paragraphs referred to.

As an owner of LEGAL LITERATURE Noted, you will also have access to the Internet INDEX of the 9300 titles. With it, a word-search on your computer or mobile will show you within seconds which of those titles contain the word(s) which you need to find.


* If you want to find, for example, titles containing the word Rape, the INDEX on the Internet will give you 35 titles; and in LEGAL LITERATURE Noted you will find 46 case references to those titles.
* If you search for multiple words, for example Bill of Rights, the INDEX will give you 53 titles containing all those words – but not necessarily in that order – and in LEGAL LITERATURE Noted you will find 219 case references to those titles.
* If you want to search for an exact sequence of words, you should put them in quotes. "Administrative Law", for example, will give you 83 titles with that exact phrase, and in LEGAL LITERATURE Noted you will find 703 case references to those titles.

Search Procedure

An effective procedure is to copy or print the list of titles produced by the INDEX; then to look in LEGAL LITERATURE Noted for the CASES which noted those titles; and, finally, to check the LAW REPORTS for the facts to which they were applied.
Thus, with LEGAL LITERATURE Noted and the LAW REPORTS, you will quickly discover what judges had to say about legal literature which may be applicable to your research.


Edition 2 of LEGAL LITERATURE Noted is Part 3 of the series "Fontes Juris The Sources of the Law Noted in South African Superior Court Judgments since 1828". The series of 15 volumes consists of the following 4 independent parts: Part 1 SOUTH AFRICAN CASES Noted (5 volumes, out of print) Part 2 FOREIGN CASES Noted (1 volume, out of print) Part 3 LEGAL LITERATURE Noted to 2015 (3 volumes) ed 2 2016, and Part 4 LEGISLATION Noted to 2013 (5 volumes, out of print).

About LEGAL LITERATURE Noted, Edition 2

Author: JF UYS, BA, LLB (UFS), Dr Jur (Leiden).
Publisher: Fontes Juris (Pty) Ltd. Reg No 1969 016426 07. Directors: JF Uys, Adv Maritza Uys BA, LLM (Stell). Address: 14 Searle Street, Blanco, George, Western Cape Province, South Africa. E-mail: Web
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