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Fontes Juris (Pty) Ltd is a publisher of law books. It was registered in 1969 under the name Juridata (Pty) Ltd. The name was changed to Fontes Juris (Pty) in 1990 when Butterworths bought our publication Juridata Property Laws (then in 10 volumes) and the name Juridata.

Fontes Juris: The SOURCES OF THE LAW Noted in South African Superior Court Judgments 1828-2000 is the company's flagship publication in 15 volumes.
Parts 1-3 (SA CASES, FOREIGN CASES and LEGAL LITERATURE Noted) were sold out in 2003, when we updated and consolidated them on a CD called Fontes Juris on CD.
In 2013 Part 4 LEGISATION Noted was published as Volumes 11-15 (now sold out).
And in 2016 edition 2 of Part 3 LEGAL LITERATURE Noted was produced.
Water Law of South Africa 1912-98 by Adv Maritza Uys, was published on a CD in 2007.
Harm by Animals by JF Uys was published in 2012, and edition 2 thereof in 2017.
Guide to Cases on the Constitution 1996 by Klara Cronje and Frederik R van Dyk followed in 2018.


DR JF Uys   The CEO of Fontes Juris (Pty) Ltd is Johan Frederik (Frikkie) UYS, BA, LLB (Univ of the [Orange] Free State), Dr Jur (Leiden). Admitted as an Attorney in 1955 and practiced in Bloemfontein and Johannesburg. Lectured law at Wits (the University of the Witwatersrand) for 2 years. Editor for a few years of the law publisher, Lex Patria, in Johannes-burg. Founded Fontes Juris (formerly Juridata) (Pty) Ltd in 1969.

Works Authored by JF Uys

1961 Die Genootskapooreenkoms [The Association Contract] doctoral thesis Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, Luctor et Emergo, 201 pp
1962-3 Miscellaneous Contracts, Annual Survey of SA Law
1962-3 Interpretation of Statutes, Annual Survey of SA Law
1963 May an Agent Sign for a Surety? SA Law Journal 1963 p 16
1970 Biographical Directory of South African Lawyers / Biografiese Gids van Suid-Afrikaanse Juriste
1973 Companies Act and Close Corporations Act with Regulations / Maatskappywet en Wet op Beslote Korporasies met Regulasies
1973-1990 Property Laws / Eiendomswette in 10 loose-leaf volumes, ± 6000 pp
1979-1990 Juridata Transfer & Bond Costs / Juridata Transport- en Verbandkoste, annual volumes ± 60 pp annually
1985 Land Survey Act 9 of 1927 & Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 with Regulations / Opmetingswet 9 van 1927 & Wet op Deeltitels 95 van 1986 met Regulasies,
1985 National Building Regulations Act 103 of 1977 with Regulations,
1987 Parliamentary Election Results / Parlementêre Verkiesingsuitslae 1977-1987, 58 pp
1994-2016 Fontes Juris: The SOURCES OF THE LAW Noted in South African Superior Court Judgments 1828-2016, 15 Volumes, 7300 pp
2003 Fontes Juris on CD
2008 Harm by Animals, DE REBUS 2008 pp 16-19
2012 Harm by Animals – The South African Law through the Cases, Ed 1, 427 pp
2013 Fontes Juris – The Sources of the Law Part 3: Legal Literature Noted 1828-2016 Ed 2
2017 Harm by Animals – The South African Law through the Cases, Ed 2, 427 pp

Books Edited by JF Uys

1986 OLIVIER PA Boedelbeplanning
2007 UYS M Water Law of South Africa 1912-1998. WRC Report K8/683
2018 CRONJE K & Van DYK FR Guide to the Cases on the Constitution 1996

Books Reviewed by JF Uys

1963 VAN HEERDEN HJO, Grondslae van die Mededingingsreg 1961, SA Law Journal 1963 p 301
1963 HIEMSTRA VG, Engels-Afrikaanse Regswoordeboek 1963, SA Law Journal 1963 p 560
1964 FRIDMAN GHL, The Modern Law of Employment, SA Law Journal 1964 p 276
1981 WIECHERS NJ & VORSTER I, Boedelbereddering – 'n Praktiese Handleiding (1981), Codicillus Oct 1981 p 69
1976, 1990, 2003 KERR AJ, The Principles of the Law of Contract, ed 2 1975, ed 4 1989 and ed 6 2002, in De Rebus 1976, 1990 and 2003, respectively
1996, 2005 KERR AJ, The Law of Sale and Lease ed 2 1996 and ed 3 2004, De Rebus 1996 and 2005, respectively
2003 CORBETT MM, HOFMEYR G & KAHN E, The Law of Succession in South Africa, ed 2 2001, De Rebus 2003 p 53


DR JF Uys  

The Deputy CEO of Fontes Juris (Pty) Ltd is Maritza UYS, LLM (Stellenbosch Univ). Admitted in 1989 as an advocate of the Supreme Court (now High Court) of SA. Public prosecutor at White River and Kruger National Park. Researcher and collator for the Kruger National Park Rivers Research Programme, 2001-4. First chairperson of the SA Water Tribunal. Presently a Water and Resources Law Adviser. Author of many legal publications, opinions and reports.


Published Consultancies by Maritza Uys

(Feasibility Studies, Environmental Impact Reports, Guidelines, Strategies & Opinions on Legislation)
1995 Wilderness, Swartvlei and Groenvlei Lakes Catchment, water management strategy. Proposed Water Management Strategy, objectives and goals (legal aspects) Fijen APM & Kapp JF / DWAF
1995 Palabora Mining Company. Environmental Impact Assessment for a 30 000 ton per day Under-ground Mine (legal aspects). CSIR
1996 Letaba River Basin Water Resources Development Study (legal aspects). Consultburo
1997 Mogalakwin Basin Water Resources Development Study (legal aspects). WSM
1997 Palmag Environmental Impact Assessment (legal aspects). L&W
1996 Karbochem Development Environmental Impact Study (legal aspects). CSIR
1996 Review of Bushbuckridge Institutional Development Project. DWAF
1997 Blyde River Irrigation Board: Lower Blyde Irrigation Network: Environmental Impact Assessment. (legal aspects) CSIR Report No ENV/P/C 97097
1997 Water Resources Situation Assessment Study to Reconcile the Water Demands in the Northern Province (legal aspects – in process). For DWAF / WSM
1997+ Mpumalanga Province: Provincial Water Resources Situation Assessment (legal aspects – in process) Africon / DWAF
1997 Guidelines for Catchment Management (legal, institutional and international aspects) WRC / SADC
1997 The Development of a Strategy to manage the Water Quality Effects from Dense Settlements (legal aspects) Ninham Shand / DWAF
1998 Mutale and Nwanedzi Rivers Water Resources Investigation (legal aspects) Africon / DWAF
1999 Mpumalanga Regional Water Supply Feasibility Study (legal aspects) Endecon / DWAF
1997-2000 Kruger National Park Rivers Research Programme : Sub-programme Integrated Catchment Management (Joint Program Manager) WRC
1997+ Biomonitoring and Assessment of Rivers Programme (River health Programme) (legal aspects – in process) CSIR
2000+ Klein & Middle Letaba River Reconnaissance Study DWAF / WSM
2000+ Sabie River Systems Model (legal aspects – in process) Charles Sellick and Assoc / DWAF
2000 Thukela Water Project (legal aspects review) DWAF
2000 Cumulative Environmental impacts of development in the Komati River Basin (RSA, Swaziland and Mozambique) (legal institutional and administrative aspects) DWAF
2006 A legal evaluation of the South African Natural resources Management mechanisms, towards integrated resources management. WRC K8/424
2004+ Resource Directed Water Resource Management Policies (legal aspects – in process) CSIR
2006 A strategy for WRC investment in a research programme on water law and governance. WRC K1513

Books & Articles by Maritza Uys

1986 Kredietkaart: selfverklarend en sui generis, in Responsa Meridiana 1986 5(2) p 110-115
1992 Statutory Protection for the water requirements of natural ecosystems, in Koedoe 1992 35(1) p 101-118
1992 Natuurbewaring se wateraanspraak in regshistoriese perspektief, in Stellenbosch Law Review 1992 3(3) p 375-401
1992 Drought Management in terms of section 9A of the Water Act 54 of 1956, in SA Publiekreg 1992 7(2) p 274-284
1992 Freshwater Systems (with JH O’Keeffe, & MN Bruton): Chapter 13 in FUGGLE RF & RABIE MA Environmental Management in South Africa 1992 Juta & Co
1996 A Structural Analysis of the Water Allocation Mechanism of the Water Act 54 of 1956 in the light of the requirements of competing water user sectors. WRC Report 406/1/96
2005 Water Law of SA – Consolidated Sources 1970-1998 (WRC Report K8/544)
2006 Water Law of SA – Consolidated Sources 1912-1969 (WRC Report K8/544)
2007 Water Law of SA – Consolidated Sources of the Water Law: Legislation, Cases & Literature 1912-1998, with searchable CD (WRC Report K8/683 2007)
2010 International EDR Best Practice Report. Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement / NEMA ADR model
2012 Urban River Rehabilitation Guidelines. Aurecon / WRC (in progress)

Research Papers by Maritza Uys

1990 Voorstelle ter verbetering van die steeds onbevredigende posisie van sakedeeleienaars onder die Wet op Deeltitels, LLM Thesis, Stellenbosch University
1995 A structural analysis of the allocation mechanism of the Water Act, 1956, in the light of the requirements of competing water user sectors WRC Report No 406/2/96 ISBN 1 86845 189 5.
2003 A legal evaluation of the South African Resources Management mechanisms towards Integrated Resources Management WRC
2002 South African Water Law 1970-1998. A compilation of water law sources to facilitate the verification of water use in South Africa. WRC
2009 A decade into the new South African Water Law: An inventory of topical legal questions and issues raised in litigation, administration and judicial literature calling for extrication, to facilitate purposeful future water resources management (WRC K8/799)
2012 A Compendium of the legal history of the South African Water Act of 1998 (Proposal No WRC 1002628)
2013+ Considering Alternative Dispute Settlement Practices For Water Resources Management in South Africa (in progress) WRC 2077

Courses, Symposia, Presentations & Lectures by Martza Uys

2002 Water Resources Management in terms of the National Water Act, 1998: Delivery Strategies:
Institutional Structuring
Presentation to the Black Lawyers Association in East London August 2002
2002 Water Management in terms of the National Water Act 1998: Institutional Structuring. Presentation to SA Irrigation Institute (SABI) Congress in Nelspruit September 2002
2003 Institutional Arrangements for purposes of Integrated Water Resources Management in South Africa: The Water Tribunal. Presentation to the IWRM Symposium in Stellenbosch on 21-24 January 2003
2003 Aquatic Biomonitoring and the Law: Towards the Integration of Resources Management. Presentation to a course on Aquatic Biomonitoring in Grahamstown on 10 February 2003
2003 Water Resources Management in terms of the National Water Act. Presentation to the UNI / World Bank / CHYN on Applied Integrated Water Resources Management: Certificate Course presented in Neuchatel, Switzerland August 2003
2004 The Water Tribunal under the National Water Act, 1998. Presentation to the SASAqS Conference in Pretoria on 5-7 July 2004









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